Ongoing Airdrop: “Authentic Participation” Task Guide

Our airdrop campaign is well underway, and we’re thrilled to see the community’s active involvement. As part of our series of tasks, we’re focusing on “Authentic Participation”—a chance for you to share your genuine thoughts and insights about blokAI. Here’s how you can make sure your contributions count and are linked to your Airdrop rewards.

Before you dive into the task, make sure your BLOKS ID is activated. This is crucial as it allows us to accurately attribute your participation back to you in our airdrop rewards system. Activating your BLOKS ID ensures that every piece of your input is recognized and rewarded accordingly.

Here’s a simple guide to ensure your participation is not only genuine but impactful:

Initiate any post or discussion with the disclaimer, “This is not investment advice, but…”. This is important for setting the right tone and legally covering both you and us.

We value transparency and diverse perspectives. Share your thoughts about blokAI—both what excites you and what could be improved. Discuss our features, your experiences, or any insight that you think the community will find useful.

Engage in any forums and communities where blockchain and AI are hot topics. Your contributions will have more impact if they reach an audience that understands and cares about these technologies.

Avoid including links or images in your initial posts. Let your words spark interest and curiosity. Those truly intrigued will seek more information, ensuring that discussions remain focused and substantive.

After posting, take a screenshot of your contribution. This serves as proof of your participation. Submit this screenshot to our Airdrop Submission topic on the community forum. This step is essential for tracking your involvement and facilitating the distribution of rewards.

Posting your screenshot not only helps us track contributions but also increases visibility for your insights within the community. It’s a great way to encourage others to participate and show the real impact of genuine, thoughtful interaction.

In our airdrop campaign, encouraging genuine dialogue about blokAI’s developments and potential is crucial. To facilitate this, participants are asked to begin their posts with the disclaimer, This is not investment advice, but…. Here’s why this phrase is essential:

1. Legal Protection: The disclaimer shields both participants and blokAI from potential legal issues by clarifying that shared opinions are not financial advice.

2. Appropriate Tone: It sets the right tone for discussions, emphasizing that contributions are personal insights, not investment pitches. This encourages knowledge sharing over speculative advice.

3. Honest Dialogue: It promotes openness, allowing community members to express genuine thoughts freely about blokAI’s technology and growth potential without the pressure of influencing investments.

4. Credibility: Using this disclaimer enhances the credibility of our airdrop campaign, demonstrating our commitment to transparency and ethical community engagement.

This approach ensures our discussions are informative, straightforward, and focused on the real value of blokAI.

These examples are designed to inspire genuine and varied contributions reflecting the early-stage nature of our project:

  • Example 1: “This is not investment advice, but as someone exploring blokAI during its seed phase, I see a lot of potentials. However, I’d love to see more details about how the AI mechanisms are being tested in real-world scenarios. Anyone else curious about the practical applications?”
  • Example 2: “This is not investment advice, but after diving into the blokAI whitepaper, I believe the vision for using blockchain and AI is groundbreaking. Still, as we are in the pre-sale phase, it would be beneficial for the community to receive regular updates on development progress and any challenges the team encounters.”
  • Example 3: “This is not investment advice, but does anyone else think blokAI could really disrupt the startup ecosystem with its approach to AI evaluation? I’m in the pre-sale group and the potential for scaling up is impressive, but I wonder how they plan to handle the increasing complexity as more startups join the platform.”
  • Example 4: “This is not investment advice, but considering that blokAI is still in its seed phase, the roadmap seems quite ambitious. It’s great to see such enthusiasm, but how are we ensuring that the milestones related to AI integration are achievable within the set timelines?”
  • Example 5: “This is not investment advice, but the transparency and the detailed tokenomics of blokAI during this pre-sale phase are reassuring. However, I think more clarity on the token distribution strategy post-launch would help potential investors understand how their contributions will be managed.”